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Seagrass Mat (1.25m X 1.8m)M Seagrass Mat (1.25m X 1.8m)M Mat1.2X1.8    
Seagrass Mat (1.35m X 1.8m) L Seagrass Mat (1.35m X 1.8m) L Mat1.35X1.8    

Seagrass Mat (90cmX1.8m) Seagrass Mat (90cmX1.8m) Mat.9X1.8    
Vietnamese Conical Flax Hat Vietnamese Conical Flax Hat VN00    

3 Fold door mat(Natural) 3 Fold door mat(Natural) HLM303    
3 Fold Mat (Natural & Black) 3 Fold Mat (Natural & Black) HLM305    

Bamboo basket Large Bamboo basket Large HLBB-L    
Bamboo Basket with Handle Bamboo Basket with Handle HLB203    

Bamboo Box Bamboo Box B1005    
Broom Natural Broom Natural HLB206    

Broom Outdoor Long Broom Outdoor Long HLB215    
Broom(Plastic Handle) Broom(Plastic Handle) HLB207    

Checks Outdoor Mat Checks Outdoor Mat HLM306    
Coconut Natural Broom Coconut Natural Broom HLB205    

Conical Bamboo Hat Conical Bamboo Hat HL778    
Hat With Beads Hat With Beads HL825    

Hat with flowers Hat with flowers HL824    
Hawai Ladies Hat Hawai Ladies Hat HL400    

Hawai Men Hat(coloured) Hawai Men Hat(coloured) HL419    
Mexican Hat Mexican Hat Hl496    

Mexican Hat Colourful Mexican Hat Colourful 879001    
Palm Leaf Decorative Hat Palm Leaf Decorative Hat HL776    

Palm leaf Magician Hat Palm leaf Magician Hat HL990    
Soft Bamboo Bag Soft Bamboo Bag HLB653    

Straw Bag with lining Straw Bag with lining HLBL505    

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